ASUU PLASU Protests Government’s Failure to Honor 2009 Agreement

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Plateau State University (PLASU) branch, took to the streets in a protest within the university campus in Bokkos on Thursday.

The protest was a direct response to the federal government’s failure to sign and implement the 2009 agreement negotiated with ASUU, as outlined in the Nimi Briggs Committee report, and other pressing issues affecting public universities.

During a press conference on Thursday at the university campus, Dr. Monday Hassan Zitta, the chairman of the union, and Dr. Lomka Iliya Kopdiya, the secretary, emphasized that the protest was in accordance with the directive of the National Executive Council.

They expressed their dismay over the federal government’s neglect of agreements reached with the union.

They stated “The federal government agreed with ASUU in 2009 on crucial matters such as conditions of service, funding, and university autonomy. However, successive governments have blatantly failed to honor this agreement, which is crucial for the welfare of the masses.”

Pointing out the unfulfilled campaign promises made by politicians, including President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Chief of Staff Femi Gbajabiamila regarding the resolution of these issues and the prevention of strikes, they voiced their disappointment. “It has been over a year, and no concrete actions have been taken to address these issues,” they lamented.

They also highlighted the economic challenges in the country, which have led many highly skilled lecturers to seek opportunities abroad, leaving a gap in mentoring for upcoming educators.

In addition to the main issues addressed by the protest, the PLASU members raised concerns about the non-implementation of the 20-25-35% wage award for university staff in Plateau state, the exclusion of university workers from receiving palliatives, the absence of a governing council in their state university, and various other unresolved matters.

They emphasized the importance of quality university education and called on both the federal and state governments to fulfill their responsibilities.

“We hope that these protests will raise awareness among the public, including civil society, religious leaders, and women in Nigeria, to intervene and prevent an impending strike action,” they noted.

During the protest, the ASUU members of PLASU marched from their meeting venue to the main gate of the university, raising their voices in solidarity chants and displaying banners.

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