Data Expo Ignites Data-Driven Revolution in Northern Nigeria

Bashir Sheidu-COO- nHub
participants at the expo event

nHub Nigeria recently hosted a ground-breaking data expo in Jos, Plateau State, showcasing an array of thought-provoking discussions, innovative projects, and insightful presentations on the transformative potential of data.

The event attracted an array of data enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds to explore the multifaceted world of data science and analytics.

 Mr Shola Eyinmosan, Community Manager for nHub Nigeria, shared his aspiration to help participants grasp the significance of data and its influence in today’s world. “The Data Expo is our endeavour to foster a thriving community centered on data, data science, and data analytics. In a world evolving at breakneck speed, we generate vast reservoirs of data, echoing the adage that ‘data is money’ and ‘data is power.’ The imperative for people to grasp the potential of data within society is a burgeoning necessity“. He said.

“Consequently, we decided to take action – not just by talking but by organizing a meet up. We observed that many young minds are eager to delve into data analytics but struggle to grasp the fundamentals of data itself. Our mission is to spread awareness about the essence of data and stimulate a data-driven community in Northern Nigeria”.  Mr Eyinmosan added.

Mr. Olugunna Samuel, a data scientist at nHub Nigeria, shed light on the most innovative and impactful projects showcased at the Expo. Notably, he discussed a pioneering project centred on an admission recommendation system tailored for Nigerian universities. 

According to him, the project aims to leverage artificial intelligence to optimize the university admission process, addressing issues like manipulation and inefficiency. “This innovation is poised to revolutionize higher education in Nigeria, benefiting both students and institutions”.


Miss Jacinta Ezeabikwa nHub’s data analyst, underscored the omnipresence and significance of data across industries. She elaborated on how data could enhance healthcare by enabling personalized medicines and improve resource allocation in e-commerce. Her examples illuminated how data-driven insights have the potential to optimize processes and bolster profits across diverse sectors.

 Miss Francisca Ezeabikwa, a data analyst, elucidated pathways for individuals and organizations to engage in similar initiatives in the future. She emphasized on nHub Nigeria’s multifaceted approach, encompassing financial literacy, data application in small businesses, and comprehensive data analysis workshops.  According to her, these initiatives aim to democratize data literacy and application, fostering broader participation.

Addressing the paramount issue of data privacy and security, nHub Nigeria’s Chief operating officer, Mr. Bashir Sheidu articulated the need for individuals and organizations to safeguard sensitive data. He cautioned against the misuse of data for financial gain and emphasized the potential harm to individuals’ lives.  He also said that Legislation and policies to protect data privacy is essential in the digital age

Mr Sheidu, unveiled the organization’s overarching mission. According to him, nHub comprises both for-profit and non-profit arms, supporting start-ups, cultivating software engineering talent, and hosting technology-focused community events. Highlighting the organization’s dual focus on both profit-making and non-profit contributions to bridging the digital divide by empowering both rural and urban communities with technology solutions.   

”The Data Expo stands as a turning point in Nigeria’s data utilization journey, positioning the region as a pioneer in the global data landscape”. He said.

A participant, Mr Mohammed Usman, shared his experience at the Expo, stating it offered valuable lessons in the new advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

  Furthermore, Mrs Juliet Ezeh expressed her appreciation to nHub for the ethical data usage discussions at the Expo. ”I am particularly impressed with privacy and responsible Al development issues discussed and how data is steering the future of sustainable agriculture”. She said.

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