Nigerian Army Reassures Commitment to Peace and Development in Plateau

Major General G.O. Adesina, representing Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General T.A. Lagbaja, at the commissioning of a solar-powered borehole in Jebbu-Bassa during NADCEL 2024.

The Nigerian Army has reaffirmed its dedication to promoting peace and development in Plateau State through a combination of kinetic and non-kinetic operations. This commitment was emphasized during the Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) 2024, where several community-oriented projects were unveiled, such as solar-powered boreholes and newly constructed school facilities.

During the commissioning of a solar-powered borehole at the Primary Health Care Center in Jebbu-Bassa, Bassa Local Government Area, Major General G.O. Adesina, representing the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General T.A. Lagbaja, highlighted the significance of the project.

He stated, “The Nigerian Army will continue with its operations, both kinetic and non-kinetic, to ensure a secure environment for peaceful coexistence in Plateau State. These quick impact projects and other initiatives are part of our non-kinetic efforts to address the challenges faced by host communities in areas where military operations are ongoing.”

Maj.Gen Adesina highlighted the strategic selection of Jebbu Bassa, noting its status as home to three divisions of the Nigerian Army and numerous veterans. He emphasized that the borehole project is a step towards enhancing the quality of life in the community, in alignment with the efforts of federal, state governments, and other organizations. “This project represents one of the Nigerian Army’s modest contributions towards enhancing the well-being of the people in this community,” he added

Furthermore, he reiterated the Army’s readiness to reciprocate the support of local communities and urged for continued cooperation during military operations. “Under my leadership, the Nigerian Army is fully prepared to reciprocate the cooperation extended to us as per our constitutional mandate. I encourage you to continue offering your support to our troops for successful operations in Plateau State and neighboring regions,” he noted

Providing details about the newly constructed borehole, Lieutenant Colonel I.C. Onwuteaka highlighted its features and functionality. “The project being commissioned today is the newly built 40,000-liter solar-powered borehole. This initiative is one of the five Civil-Military Affairs Quick Impact Projects approved by the Chief of Army Staff for this year’s celebration to acknowledge the support of our host community for the Nigerian Army. The construction, which began on April 27, 2024, was completed within two months, adhering strictly to Nigerian Army standards and specifications,” he stated.

Onwuteaka emphasized that the borehole, equipped with a solar submersive pump, an overhead tank with fiberglass, solar panels, and a perimeter-faced water distribution point, was designed to meet the needs of the community.

He expressed gratitude to the Chief of Army Staff for approving the project and providing guidance, as well as to others who ensured the project was completed to a high standard and in a timely manner.

Additionally, Mr. Fidelis Adara, TIC Chairman of Bassa, expressed appreciation on behalf of the community and pledged to maintain the facility. He emphasized the importance of effective utilization and maintenance of the borehole to maximize its benefits for the community.

Other projects commissioned during NADCEL 2024 include a solar-powered borehole in Bokkos community, new classroom buildings and toilets at Hoss Community Secondary School in Riyom, a renovated assembly hall at Government Science College in Wase and a free medical outreach at the University of Jos.

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