Plateau Youths Urged to Leverage Social Media for Development and Peace

Youths in Plateau State have been urged to harness the power of social media to highlight the administration’s achievements and promote peace.

This call to action was made during the celebration of Social Media Day, themed “Uniting the Digital Space to Support Governor Mutfwang’s Good Governance Strides and Peace Efforts in Plateau State.”

The event featured a peace walk from Secretariat Junction to the newly constructed National Library – Abattoir overhead bridge, with media aides and youths actively participating.

Speaking to journalists, Gyang Bere, Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Executive Governor of Plateau State, elaborated on the purpose of the gathering.

He stated “The essence of this gathering is to use social media as a tool for development and to communicate government policies to the people of Plateau State and Nigeria at large. We are here to ensure that social media is used positively for people to know the key things it can be used for, such as creating wealth. Instead of using it for propaganda and harmful purposes, we must use it to communicate the development in Plateau State under Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang.”

Bere continued, emphasizing the need to change the narrative of Plateau State. “We are expected to also use social media to ensure that we change the narrative of Plateau State. This government has come to change the narrative of Plateau State. This government has come to ensure that the people of Plateau State are acquainted with what is happening within the state. Before the coming of this administration, the narrative was about insecurity. People believed that Jos was not safe. However, now people are coming into Jos, conducting their business transactions, and leaving without any problems. Jos is the most peaceful city in Nigeria, North Central Nigeria, and Northern Nigeria,” he stated.

Furthermore, Bere highlighted the role of social media in showcasing the government’s achievements. “These are some of the developments that we must use social media to ensure that people know about. There are many things that the government is doing, and we must use social media deliberately. We are aware that people use it for propaganda, but we will not. We will use it to communicate development, peaceful coexistence, and unity. That is what the government of Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang stands for. We must deliberately use social media to communicate to our people and spread news of development from our communities, towns, local governments, and the state,” he added.

Also, Mr. Datong Dominic Gwaman, Director-General of Plateau State Information and Communication Technology Development Agency (PICTDA), stressed the importance of responsible social media use.

“Today, everyone has become a citizen journalist. Whatever is said on social media goes a very long way. Whenever you need to share a message online, consider if it is the truth, if it is fair to everyone, and how it will add to the peace of this city,” Gwaman emphasized, urging participants to verify information before sharing.

Moreover, Mr. Samuel Nathaniel Dapiya, Director-General of Plateau Environmental Protection and Sanitation Agency (PEPSA), underscored the role of social media in promoting environmental hygiene and sustainable practices.

“Social media is crucial in executing sanitation efforts for us at PEPSA. It is equally important in promoting environmental hygiene and sustainable habits, ideas, and projects,” Dapiya said.

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