Senator Mwadkwon Condemns Plateau Killings, Calls for Security Agency Purge

Senator Simon Mwadkwon

Senator Simon Mwadkwon, PhD, the Senator representing Plateau North Senatorial District and immediate past senate minority leader, has strongly condemned the recent killings in Plateau State.

In a statement, Senator Mwadkwon expressed his deep sadness and frustration over the loss of lives and destruction of properties during the attack.

The attacks, which were unprovoked, targeted innocent people in several areas, including Barki Ladi, Bokkos, and Mangu.

Senator Mwadkwon emphasized that no one deserved to be killed or harmed in such a manner, and he highlighted the audacity of those responsible for recording and circulating videos of their brutal actions on social media.

Disturbingly, the Senator noted that prior to the attacks, intelligence reports had been shared with various security agencies, alerting them of the impending violence. However, no proactive measures were taken to prevent the attacks, resulting in the loss of numerous lives.

.”The pain we bear is twofold: not only were these attacks unprovoked, but there was intelligence forewarning the security agencies, which unfortunately wasn’t acted upon, resulting in devastating consequences,” . He stated.

Furthermore, Senator Mwadkwon expressed his concern that the security agencies have primarily arrested aggrieved individuals, rather than apprehending the actual culprits responsible for the killings.

Senator Mwadkwon called for a comprehensive overhaul of the security agencies and urged for a reevaluation of the security situation in Plateau State.

He stressed the need for swift action against the perpetrators, demanding they be arrested and brought to justice, as previous attacks have gone unpunished due to a lack of arrests.

“Without accountability, these heinous acts will persist. The security agencies must fulfill their duty by arresting and prosecuting these criminals” he added.

The Senator expressed deep sadness and anguish over the fact that such brutal acts occurred on Christmas Eve, a time meant for peace, love, and unity.

Senator Mwadkwon acknowledged the efforts made by the government to improve infrastructure and alleviate the suffering of the people of Plateau State.

Nevertheless, he recognized the attacks as an attempt to distract and hinder the progress being made by the state government under Governor Caleb Mutfwang.

He reiterated the need for a purge within the security agencies, stating that there are different categories of security personnel in Nigeria.

He classified them as those genuinely dedicated to their duty, those driven by religious or ethnic motives, and those seeking financial gain through violence.

The Senator emphasized that the last category, the corrupt individuals, was responsible for the continued killings, and called on all security agencies to rid themselves of these bad elements.

He called on the Vice President, set to visit Plateau State, to address this critical issue and ensure accountability for criminal activities.

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