Senator Plang Distributes 10 Trucks of Fertilizers, Enhances Agricultural Support in Plateau Central

Bags of fertilizers distributed to the beneficiaries

Senator Diket Plang, representing Plateau Central at the National Assembly and serving as the Senate Committee Chairman on Labour, Employment, and Productivity, has undertaken a significant initiative to support agricultural production in his constituency.

He recently distributed 10 trucks of high-yield fertilizers to farmers across five local government areas within the senatorial district. Senator Plang emphasized the importance of this distribution, stating that each truck contains 600 bags of specifically selected fertilizers tailored to meet the needs of local farmers.

He also highlighted the vital role of food security in addressing economic challenges.”One of the greatest needs of Nigerians is food. Improving food production will have a positive impact on our economy by controlling prices and improving the value of our money.” He said.

To ensure transparency and prevent mismanagement, the Senator allocated the fertilizers to various groups, including traditional rulers, religious bodies, elders, and general farmers with designated leaders responsible for overseeing the distribution process, with an emphasis on accountability through beneficiary inventory.

In addition to the fertilizer distribution, he mentioned other ongoing projects aimed at improving the community. “We have also undertaken several other projects, such as fencing schools, providing solar lights, and building infrastructure to enhance security and education. We are committed to improving the livelihoods of our people.”

Senator Plang expressed gratitude towards the federal government for its support of the program and urged the community to collaborate towards a prosperous future.

He stated, “I appreciate the federal government for backing this initiative and enabling us to carry out this project. Our objective is to boost food production in the Central Zone, benefiting not only Plateau State but the entire nation and beyond.

I therefore, encourage all of us to work together to build a united and prosperous community. Let’s support each other and our elected officials to bring more development to our state. I also urge security forces to ensure a peaceful farming season, as Plateau is an important producer of essential crops for Nigeria and West Africa.”

Meanwhile, the lawmaker,in partnership with the Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies, the lawmaker has provided training to farmers in sustainable agricultural production and proper fertilizer application. Dr. Isaac Ekoja led the training sessions, educating farmers on the appropriate fertilizers to use at each stage of cropping.

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