The Grim Shadow of Jungle Justice: A Call for Justice and Humanity


The heart of Jos, a city known for its peaceful coexistence and communal harmony, has been shattered by an act of brutality that defies comprehension.

The gruesome murder of Fwinbe Gofwan, a young man on the cusp of a new chapter in his life, has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving tears, anger, and a burning desire for justice in its wake.

Fwinbe Gofwan, a son, a brother, and a friend, had been preparing for his upcoming wedding, a joyous occasion that was supposed to mark the beginning of a new family. But the cruel hand of fate intervened, and the promise of a bright future was brutally extinguished on a dark night in Jos.

The tragic events unfolded on Domkat Bali Road in Jos South LGA, as Fwinbe was driving his Suzuki mini-bus. A minor altercation with commercial motorcycle riders, locally known as ‘Okada,’ near Tudun Wada motor park triggered a nightmarish chain of events. What should have been a fleeting disagreement escalated into a horrifying chase, leading Fwinbe to his grim fate.

As he attempted to flee from his pursuers, Fwinbe was mercilessly cornered on Domkat Bali Road. It was there, in the confines of his own car, that he met a horrifying end, pelted with stones by a mob that had been incited to rage. The brutality of his death sent shockwaves through the community, sparking outrage and condemnation from various quarters.

The state government, youth groups, concerned citizens, and the University of Jos Alumni Association united in their condemnation of this barbaric act. Yet, in the midst of these calls for justice, Fwinbe’s family grapples with an unfathomable grief.

Wakbul Gofwan, Fwinbe’s brother, spoke with a heavy heart, describing the profound pain that has enveloped their family. He vehemently refuted the baseless accusations of theft that led to his brother’s lynching. The car Fwinbe drove was rightfully his, with all the necessary documents bearing his name. Fwinbe’s life was stolen by a mob that became both judge and executioner.

The agony of Fwinbe’s death is compounded by the fact that he died alone and abandoned. His family, despite their love, never had the chance to offer comfort in his final moments. The pain of his passing transcends words, manifesting in tears, wails, lamentations, and a deafening silence.

Fwinbe’s life was a testament to resilience. Surviving a devastating car accident that resulted in a hip joint replacement, he overcame physical pain to become a reliable presence in his family’s business. He was a beloved friend to many, cherished for his loyalty and deep connections.

As Plateau State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Josephine Piyo, visited the family to extend her condolences, she characterized Fwinbe’s death as “painful” and “inhumane.” She implored security agencies to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and emphasized the importance of unity and brotherhood in the state.

The Tudun Wada Youth Forum, in a resounding statement, condemned the murder in its entirety and called for a thorough investigation to ensure justice prevails. The University of Jos Alumni Association echoed these sentiments, denouncing the uncivilized act of “jungle justice” and calling for a collective commitment to humane behavior.

Yet, even as the community rallies for justice, the Plateau State government has expressed dismay at the increasing non-adherence to regulations governing the operation of tricycle and motorcycle operators. The ban on commercial motorcycle operations remains in force, emphasizing the need for compliance.

The Plateau State Police Command, through its spokesman Alabo Alfred, has taken action by arresting a suspect connected to Fwinbe’s killing. The Commissioner of Police, CP Okoro Julius Alawari, expressed his condemnation of the unlawful murder, vowing that the perpetrators will not escape justice. He issued a stern warning against “jungle justice,” emphasizing the importance of allowing law enforcement agencies to handle such cases.

As the investigation unfolds, the story of Fwinbe Gofwan serves as a stark reminder of the harrowing consequences of vigilante justice. In a society that values peace and unity, this tragic incident exposes a dark side that must be confronted. Fwinbe’s memory calls on us to strive for justice, compassion, and a renewed commitment to humanity, where no one should endure the horrors of “Jungle Justice.”

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