440 Army Captains to Write Promotion Examination

440 Army Captains to Write Promotion Examination

The 2024 Lieutenant to Captain practical promotion examination commenced, with no fewer than 440 officers of the Nigerian Army participating. The examination, designed to assess the proficiency of officers for higher responsibilities, was formally addressed by Major General Kevin Aligbe, the Examination President and Commander of Training and Doctrine Command, Nigerian Army (TRADOC NA).

In his address to the candidates and officers gathered in Jos, Major General Kevin Aligbe underscored the importance of approaching the examination with sincerity and integrity, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating and malpractices. He emphasized the examination’s role in upholding the standards of the Nigerian Army and ensuring the preparedness of candidates for elevated ranks.

The examination encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ knowledge spanning command, tactical employment, administration, communication, skill at arms, driving and maintenance, administration in the field, French language proficiency, and physical fitness. Major General Aligbe outlined the criteria for promotion, requiring officers to achieve a minimum score of 50% in each subject and an overall score of 60%.

“This examination is pivotal in defining your progression within the Nigerian Army. I urge each candidate to approach it with the utmost seriousness and determination it demands,” stated General Aligbe.

Earlier, Major General Abdulsalam Abubakar emphasized the examination’s significance in enhancing leadership capabilities and contributing to national security objectives. He stressed the importance of candidates’ performance for career advancement, urging them to approach the examination with unwavering dedication.

Addressing the prevailing security challenges, particularly in the North Central states like Plateau, Major General Abubakar reaffirmed the Nigerian Army’s commitment to addressing threats such as banditry, kidnapping, clashes, illegal arms deals, and drug addiction. He highlighted the ongoing efforts of internal security operations, including Operation Safe Haven, aimed at containing these threats.

Assuring candidates of comprehensive security arrangements, Major General Abubakar detailed measures including provisions for accommodation security, movement escorts, and medical support to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination.

The Nigerian Army remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering leadership excellence and addressing national security challenges, as demonstrated through initiatives such as this promotion examination.

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