Explosion kills six, injures others in Plateau community

Power surge

Reports have confirmed that at least six people were electrocuted following a power surge in the Kabong area of Jos, Plateau State. Additionally, a number of residents suffered injuries due to a fire that ensued.

An undisclosed quantity of shops also succumbed to the flames. The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of Saturday (around 2am) when most were asleep.

It has been discovered that a high tension wire falling onto another was the source of the power surge and resulting electric shocks either end of the street.

Residents of Kabong

Youth leader of the area, Mr. Sylvanus Boniface, revealed that the deceased including two siblings, have been taken to the mortuary, while the injured are currently receiving treatment at various medical facilities, such as Ola Hospital and ECWA Hospital Jankwano.

Boniface himself was one of the lucky ones who narrowly escaped the electric shock after waking to turn off his light bulb. According to him, the cause of the fire that ravaged the local shops was negligence in leaving appliances on overnight.

“The shops were burnt as a result of those who left their appliances on, particularly drinks sellers who put their drinks in refrigerators and leave it on so that the drinks will remain cold,” he stated.

Alabo Alfred, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Plateau State Police Command, has labeled the event unfortunate, confirming that the Commissioner of Police has directed the DPO of the area to engage with the community.

Alfred also urged residents of the state to adopt a culture of safety by switching off electrical appliances when they are not in use or before retiring to bed for the night.

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