Insecurity Crisis in Nigeria Sparks Urgent Calls for Government Intervention

Bishop Kukah Urges President Tinubu’s Immediate Action

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah has sounded an alarm over the escalating insecurity in Nigeria, urging President Bola Tinubu to swiftly address the country’s precarious security situation,” emphasized the cleric. In the aftermath of the Christmas Eve attacks claiming over 140 lives in Plateau State, Bishop Kukah stressed the imperative need to overhaul Nigeria’s security architecture.

“This situation is akin to a state of war,” remarked Bishop Kukah, expressing grave concern over the loss of trust in the government’s capacity to ensure citizens’ safety. He urged a comprehensive overhaul of security arrangements to effectively combat the activities of terrorist groups and armed factions operating in the country.

“In light of these tragic events, we must rebuild more than just physical infrastructure,” added Bishop Kukah, underscoring the urgency of restoring communal cohesion and resilience, which he deemed as crucial as physical reconstruction efforts.

Furthermore, the cleric implored the intelligence community to swiftly uncover the motives, sponsors, and identities behind the recent attacks, noting that these acts of violence transcended mere clashes between herders and farmers. He urged an urgent and thorough investigation into the perpetrators and their potential high-level backers.

Senate and House Summons Security Chiefs for Accountability and Action

Addressing the failure of security intelligence and the coordinated nature of the Christmas Eve massacre in Plateau State, Senator Diket Plang moved a motion during the Senate plenary, demanding immediate briefings from security agency heads to inform necessary legislative action.

Simultaneously, the House of Representatives echoed similar concerns, calling for the establishment of a military base in Bokkos Local Government Area and other volatile regions within Plateau State. Hon. Ahmed Wase highlighted the urgency of identifying and bringing the perpetrators to justice, cautioning that unchecked attacks could escalate the already precarious security situation in the North-central zone.

Both chambers emphasized the urgency of comprehensive investigations, collaborative security operations, and heightened surveillance to apprehend criminal elements and prevent further bloodshed.

Traditional Rulers Respond to Ongoing Threats by Canceling New Year Celebrations

“Responding to ongoing security concerns, the Jos-Joint Traditional Council announced the cancellation of New Year celebrations across local government areas in Plateau State,” revealed the council chairman, Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba. The directive aimed to mitigate potential security risks, urging strict adherence to worshipping in designated places to ensure public safety.

ECOWAS Condemns Killings and Calls for Justice

“ECOWAS strongly condemned the recent killings in Plateau State, denouncing the callous disregard for human life exhibited by the perpetrators,” expressed the commission in a statement. Urging the Nigerian government to intensify efforts to identify and prosecute the culprits, ECOWAS reaffirmed its commitment to supporting peace-building initiatives in the region.

Amidst the mounting insecurity, diverse voices from religious, political, and regional leaders echo calls for immediate and decisive action. They emphasize the urgent need to address the root causes and ensure lasting peace and security across Nigeria.

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