Kwamkur Samuel Foundation Inspires Unity and Peace in Nigeria

In a significant effort to promote peace and unity in Nigeria, the Kwamkur Samuel Foundation for Justice Peace Development organized the 2023 International Peace Day Outing.

Barrister Kwamkur Samuel Vondip, President of the Kwamkur Samuel Foundation, addressed the attendees and highlighted the organization’s commitment to justice, peace, and development. He emphasized three core activities: advocacy, education development, and empowerment/skill acquisition.

“The 2023 International Peace Day is Themed;” Actions for Peace; Our Ambition for the Global Goals.” This theme is meant to spur Peace community, youth, critical stakeholders and indeed all peace lovers to take actions that will promote mutual respect, compassion and value for one another. We are to take actions that build reconciliation and understanding amongst our communities” He said.

“For our organization the KSF in Nigeria, we have decided to domesticate the theme with a Sub-Theme based on our peculiarity and present challenges. The Sub-Theme; “The Misrepresentation of Religion and Ethnicity as obstacle for achieving peace in Nigeria”, is apt.While other nations struggles with Natural disasters and climate change as major challenge to Peace”. He added.

Vondip urged attendees to actively support those less fortunate by not adding to their burdens. The foundation has set an ambitious goal to better the lives of hundreds of individuals facing challenges by 2030. Additionally, Vondip revealed proposed plans for a Justice Peace radio station and mentoring and training centers to broaden their advocacy work.

The keynote speaker at the event, Professor Shedrack Gaya Best, provided a thought-provoking perspective on ethnicity and religion.He delved into the historical context of identity and the role it has played in human history. He pointed out that identities, whether based on ethnicity or religion, have often been used to differentiate individuals and communities.

Prof. Gaya explained that ethnicity is rooted in shared cultural traits, ancestry, historical experiences, and myths of descent.

“Similarly, religion serves as a powerful identity, but its role in conflicts and violence has been a subject of debate” He noted.

He highlighted that religion can lead to conflicts when it becomes a basis for political, economic, or territorial competition.

Director of cooperate planning,Mr. Abimbola James, representing the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Sir Joseph.N.Ari, highlighted the connection between peace and employment.

“without peace, the acquisition of skills and education becomes challenging, leading to increased unemployment rates and hindering the nation’s growth”. He said

He further stated that a nation’s greatness is measured by the level of poverty, emphasizing the importance of reducing poverty rates to improve the overall well-being of the country.

The Governor of Plateau State, Barr. Caleb Mutfwang, represented by Secretary to the Government of Plateau State, Samuel Nanchang Jatau, commended the Kwamkur Samuel Foundation for its efforts in promoting peace and unity in the state and urged all Nigerians to resist attempts to divide communities along religious and ethnic lines.

the Sultan of Sokoto’s representative, Mustapha Umar, Galadima of Wase, underscored the need for Nigerians to appreciate their diversity and foster unity. He highlighted religion and ethnicity as elements that should unite people rather than divide them.

Furthermore, the event introduced the inaugural issue of the “Justice-Peace” magazine, a summary of the foundation’s work since its commencement in 2003. The magazine is designed to increase understanding of the foundation’s vision, inspire individual contributions and partnerships with the foundation and spark ideas for new initiatives.

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