NDLEA Boss Warns New Officers Against Sabotage in Drug War

NDLEA Passing Out Ceremony

In a stern warning, the Chairman/CEO of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Nigeria, Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa(Retd) expressed zero tolerance towards internal sabotage in the ongoing battle against substance abuse and the illicit drug trade within the country.

Addressing a passing out ceremony on 30th November 2023 for 2,500 graduating cadets from the NDLEA Academy, Marwa underscored the recent boost of 5,000 personnel to the agency’s workforce.

He urged the new officers to make consequential contributions to the cause. Marwa referenced the alarming Drug Use Survey of 2018 which highlighted the impending need to curtail the increasingly detrimental drug situation in Nigeria.

NDLEA Passing Out Ceremony

In his words”Within that 30 years, the world of illicit drugs had become complex and more devastating to society, and the dynamics of the Nigerian drug situation had become more dire. That was why the 2018 Drug Use Survey jolted Nigeria and sounded the alarm bell on the inevitability of arresting the situation.

” Hence, some 35 months ago, in January 2021, NDLEA was handed a lifeline to rejig its structure and improve its systems to counter contemporary drug problems.

“Today’s passing out ceremony, coming after months of rigorous training, is one of the manifestations of the ongoing restructuring in the Agency.

“Having another batch of 5, 000 officers to strengthen our workforce will assuredly give the needed impetus to the fight against the abuse and trafficking of illicit substances.

In the tradition of our noble organisation and according to global best practices, this batch of officers has been trained to be efficient drug law enforcement agents. They have spent the past months in training, where they have learnt the intricacies of drug law enforcement and know that their job demands sacrifice, loyalty, and discipline. I have no doubt that they are aware of their position as an important cog in the law and order system of society.” Marwa noted.

He cited the restructuring within the agency and the rigorous training as pivotal steps towards combating the menace. Welcoming the new Assistant Superintendents of Narcotics, Marwa conveyed the critical time of their entry into the organization.

The agency, he emphasized, is invigorated by reforms and in the planning phase of further measures against drug abuse and trafficking.

Marwa, represented by Victoria Egbase, the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics, elucidated the urgency of their mission given recent confessions by known drug abusers.

He urged the officers to diligently uphold the ethics of their profession without any deviation. The chairman affirmed the agency’s commitment to eradicate drug-related dangers and the implementation of proactive, goal-oriented initiatives such as Offensive Action and War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) advocacy.

Marwa complimented the leadership of the NDLEA Academy for successfully training 10,000 cadets over two years, marking it an historic achievement.

He extended gratitude towards the Plateau State government, local authorities and various other agencies for their steadfast support.

The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries including the Governor of Plateau State, represented by his deputy, esteemed members of the House Committee on Drugs and Narcotics, traditional rulers, and representatives of other security agencies.

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