NDLEA Officers Urged to Reject Temptations from Drug Traffickers and Barons

graduation ceremony of members of the Strike Force elite corps in Jos

Marwa Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), has called on the men and officers of the agency to resist any inducements that contradict the principles of their profession as anti-narcotic operatives.

During the graduation ceremony of members of the Strike Force elite corps in Jos, Plateau state, Marwa emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline and dedication to duty in the face of potential temptations from drug traffickers and barons.

Addressing the officers, Marwa’s representative, Deputy Commander General of Narcotics Ahmed Ningi, said, “Shun any enticement that conflicts with the ethos of your profession as an anti-narcotic operative. Anything that would compromise your discipline and dedication to duty should be avoided.

“As an anti-narcotic officer, you bear a huge obligation to remain incorruptible in the face of any temptation that might be sprung on you by drug traffickers and barons.”

graduation ceremony of members of the Strike Force elite corps in Jos

Marwa also highlighted the significance of the Strike Force within the agency and expressed high expectations for its contribution to the fight against illicit drugs.

He cited successful raids, seizures, and destruction of psychotropic substances in previously hostile territories as examples of the force’s effectiveness.

The Chairman acknowledged the achievements of the recent training program and commended the facilitators and instructors for their commitment.

He thanked the Citizenship and Leadership Centre for providing a conducive environment for challenging aspects of the training.

DCGN Hamza Umar, Commandant of the NDLEA Academy in Jos, praised the agency’s leadership for prioritizing continuous training for its officers both at home and abroad.

He expressed confidence that the newly graduated personnel would play a significant role in subduing drug barons and traffickers. A total of 391 personnel from the Strike Force successfully completed the training program, which spanned approximately three weeks.

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