Nzem-Berom 2024: Gov. Mutfwang Calls for Unity, Pledges Support for Youths, Farmers

Plateau State Governor, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, called for unity among the various ethnic groups in the state to protect their heritage in the face of impending threats to their ancestral lands.

 His call for unity was made during the 2024 Nzem Berom cultural festival held at Rwang Pam Township Stadium, under the theme “The Future of Berom Land: Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Reorientation.” 

Gov. Mutfwang commended the Berom nation for their dedication to peace, tolerance, and solidarity. He also recognized His Royal Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, on his 15th anniversary as the Gbong Gwom Jos, praising his leadership in guiding the Berom Nation and the entirety of Plateau State. 

The governor stressed the importance of unity, resilience, and cultural pride among the people of Plateau State, emphasizing their self-sufficiency and determination.

 During the festival,  he affirmed the state’s importance in Nigeria’s food security, stating, “Even if no one supports us, we will be able to keep going. The resilience of Plateau State in the face of adversity is a testament to our strength and determination. Our state plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s food security, and I firmly believe that if not for the food that comes from Plateau State, Nigeria would know hunger.”

 Furthermore, Gov Mutfwang emphasized the necessity of unity among the different ethnic groups within Plateau, asserting that the well-being of one group should concern all. He stated, “What happens to the Berom man must be of concern to the Anaguta man, and what happens to the Anaguta man must be of concern to the Afizere man. We are all in this together, and we must stand united to protect our shared heritage and future.” 

In addition to his call for unity, Governor Mutfwang pledged support for youth empowerment initiatives, promising to provide at least 10 million naira to train 75 young men and 75 young women. He stressed the importance of investing in the youth to ensure a prosperous future for Plateau State.

 The Governor also addressed agricultural concerns, promising increased security for farmlands to ensure food production and sustainability, while discouraging the misuse of agricultural resources like fertilizers.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio, represented by Senator Diket Plang, commended the Berom people for their industrious nature and commitment to peaceful coexistence.

 He praised the festival as the greatest on the Plateau and encouraged the community to strive for international recognition, stating, “We must commit to letting the world know the treasure we have in Beromland.”

 Akpabio also lauded the unveiling of the Wurom Legacy Trust Fund by His Majesty Da Jacob Gyang Buba CFR. According to him, the trust fund aims to establish a technology village to harness the talents of the Berom people. 

In his remarks, His Royal Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba CFR, the Gbong Gwom Jos, expressed gratitude for God’s guidance over the years and underscored the importance of culture and traditions in preserving the identity of the Berom people. 

He called for enhanced security to protect farmers, attributing rising food prices to insecurity, and urged the government to maintain peaceful coexistence and clearly define boundaries. The Gbong Gwom Jos also emphasized collaboration with the government while respecting laws and customs that define the Berom identity.

“We are not ashamed of our laws, native laws, and customs, and our traditions. We will continue to respect and abide by them accordingly.” He affirmed.

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