Plateau Labor Union Joins Nationwide Protest Against Government Anti-Citizen Policies

 The Plateau State labor organizations in Nigeria, including the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), joined a nationwide protest against anti-citizen federal government policies on Wednesday.

Starting at Secretariat Junction, then progressing to the State Secretariat gate, a multitude of unionists took part in the peaceful demonstration. State NLC Chairman, Comrade Eugine Manji, Civil Liberty Organization’s Comrade Steve Aluko, along with other labor leaders, took the lead. Manji addressed the protesters, emphasizing the unity of Plateau workers against policies disadvantaging the pooHe specifically addressed the unpopular removal of fuel subsidy and the subsequent exponential hike in pump prices. Manji criticized the decision to rely on foreign refining, proposing a domestic solution involving local refineries to stabilize prices and empower the Nigerian economy.

He also highlighted the issue of insecurity and urged the government to heed citizens’ calls for reform. Steve Aluko urged fellow Nigerians to assert their rights and oppose harmful governmental policies, not just leaving it to labor unions. His call rallied against regional bias and promoted national unity against policies overtaxing the nation’s poor.

Trade Union Congress Chairman, Comrade Kenneth Shamma also addressed the protest, explaining their holistic set of demands with practical solutions sent to the government. However, the government responded with a court injunction prohibiting labor strikes.

Despite this, Shamma encouraged collective demonstration against suffocating government policies, emphasizing the importance of collective breath for the nation. Amidst the protest, State Police Commissioner Bartholomew Onyeka maintained peace and order. As the protest took place, government offices remained closed.

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