Sacked PDP Assembly members set to resume plenary on Tuesday in Plateau.

Sacked PDP Assembly members set to resume plenary on Tuesday in Plateau

In a surprising turn of events, sixteen members of the Plateau State House of Assembly, who were recently sacked by the Court of Appeal, have announced their intentions to resume their duties on Tuesday.

They claim to be the authentic members of the State Assembly, duly elected by the people of Plateau State.

Led by Ishaku Maren, the member from the Bokkos State Constituency, the lawmakers argue that the judgment of the Supreme Court, which reinstated Governor Caleb Mutfwang, proves that they were wrongly removed from office.

Therefore, they believe that the appropriate remedy is for them to be allowed to return to their positions. Speaking to journalists in Jos on Monday, Maren stated, “We are the 16 PDP members of the Plateau State House of Assembly. We are here today to inform the public about our plans to resume our duties tomorrow. We are determined and ready to fulfill our constitutional responsibilities, as mandated by the people who elected us into office.”

He further explained, “During our recess, two judgments were passed concerning the status of the State House of Assembly and Plateau State as a whole. While the Court of Appeal members are deceiving themselves by claiming they will resume work tomorrow, I can confidently say that we are the true representatives of the people.”

Maren highlighted the contradiction between the Court of Appeal’s ruling, which questioned the PDP’s structure in Plateau State, and the Supreme Court’s verdict, which deemed the entire case fraudulent and beyond the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal.

He urged the President and the head of the judicial system to intervene and ensure justice is served. Emphasizing the importance of democracy, Maren remarked, “The House of Assembly should consist of duly elected members from all 24 State constituencies. We are here to work, despite the efforts of the APC members attempting to persuade the Governor to defect. The House of Assembly should be occupied by those who have the mandate of the electorate.”

In response, Na’anlong Daniel, a former Majority Leader of the State Assembly and a beneficiary of the Court of Appeal’s judgment, stated that they have not yet been informed about the resumption plans. Daniel clarified, “We are yet to be communicated with. When they resume, maybe they will communicate with us, as we are yet to be inaugurated.”

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