Senator Plang Calls for Nationalistic Solutions to Plateau Crisis

Sen.Diket Plang

In a recent interview, Senator Diket Plang, the representative of Plateau Central Senatorial District, emphasized the need for a unified and nationalistic approach to address the longstanding crisis in Plateau State.

As a prominent voice in the legislative chamber and a key figure in various Senate committees, Senator Plang highlighted inclusivity, forgiveness, and strategic actions as crucial in resolving the complex challenges facing the region.

According to Senator Plang, a nationalistic approach towards the Plateau crisis is of utmost significance. He urged Nigerians to view Plateau State as a miniature representation of Nigeria itself, emphasizing that citizens from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds should be involved in finding lasting solutions to the conflicts.

“When it comes to issues like the Plateau crisis, we need nationalistic resolutions,” Senator Plang stated. “It’s about more than just ethnic or religious colorations; it’s a matter that concerns all Nigerians residing in Plateau State. We should all contribute to resolving these issues as responsible citizens of Nigeria.”

Senator Plang also highlighted the importance of permanent security measures and the involvement of local communities in maintaining peace. He called for constitutional empowerment of traditional rulers to facilitate conflict resolution within their domains.

“We need to empower our traditional rulers constitutionally. They witness conflicts within their communities, but lack the authority to take necessary actions. This constitutional support will aid in maintaining peace at the grassroots level,” he remarked.

Additionally, Senator Plang stressed the significance of infrastructure development, particularly roads, in enhancing security measures. He argued that well-ventilated and accessible routes would deter criminal activities and contribute to the overall security of the region.

“Investing in infrastructure, especially roads, is crucial for security and economic development. Improved accessibility to communities will minimize criminal activities and foster growth,” Senator Plang noted.

Addressing the issue of policing, Senator Plang expressed support for state police but advocated for a more nationalistic perspective. He suggested that a sense of nationalism could foster greater collaboration between state and national security forces, ensuring a more unified approach towards maintaining law and order.

“State police can be beneficial, but let’s strive for a more nationalistic approach. Let’s see ourselves as Nigerians first, working together for the betterment of our nation,” he urged.

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