Fresh Flood Ravages Plateau Communities Leaving 150 Homes in Ruins


In a recent unfortunate event, a fresh flood wreaked havoc in several communities, including Anguwan Rogo, Rikkos, Bauchi Road, and Naraguta, all located within the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau. This devastating incident occurred over the weekend, following heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Although there were no reported casualties, the flood left a trail of destruction, resulting in the loss of at least 150 houses and valuable possessions.

Tanko Yakubu Alhassan, a resident of Bauchi Road, shared his account of the situation, emphasizing the scale of the disaster. He stated, “The flood did not claim lives, but because it was huge, it displaced over 150 households and bridges in the area. These households have lost all their properties and are left with nothing.”

Due to the dire circumstances, the affected individuals have been forced to seek refuge with neighbors, friends, and relatives. They have made a heartfelt appeal to the government for assistance in this trying time.

Another resident, Mrs. Salamatu Aliyu, echoed the sentiment of surprise at the suddenness of the flood. She described the extent of the damage, saying, “The heavy rain has destroyed my house and that of my neighbors, as well as several other homes in Anguwan Rogo. We are calling on the government and other compassionate individuals to come to our rescue.”

This devastating flood event serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of these communities to natural disasters and highlights the urgent need for support and relief efforts.

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