NDIC Engages Plateau Students on Financial Literacy

In a proactive effort aligned with its corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has conducted a financial literacy program for secondary school students in Plateau State.

The exercise aimed to encourage students to develop a mindset of saving and was carried out as part of the celebration of 2023 Financial Literacy Day. The event was held at the Jos North Area Office hall with students from various secondary schools attending. The theme of this fourth edition of the training was “Plan Your Money, Plant Your Future”.

In an address to the students, the Deputy Manager and Media relations officer, Mr Alfred Ijah, explained that NDIC has been actively educating students about the value of efficient savings and money management. This, he said, is geared towards promoting financial prudence, proper budgeting habits, and sound monetary decisions among the students.Mr Ijah advised the students to maximise their grasp of financial worth, the ability to make choices, investment planning, spending priorities, among other financial aspects.

NDIC Manager, Ms Fyafa Ashasim, underlined the importance of comprehensive understanding of personal finance, distribution of financial decisions, and carrying out financial activities. She indicated that the aim of setting aside such a day is to foster robust financial literacy among youths, starting from their early schooling years.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the All Nigerian Confederation of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), Mr Christopher Ibadi, commended NDIC for collaborating consistently with the board to enhance the students’ grasp of financial literacy. He urged the students to clearly differentiate their wants from their needs and to prioritize saving – either in bank accounts or other means – as a buffer for unforeseen circumstances. “You can save for future using saving box, as a group or using bank which NDIC is there to secure for you and one can make wrong investment when he/she did not plan for it,” he advised them.

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