Plateau State Government Launches Tin City Metro to Address Transportation Challenges

Plateau State Government Launches Tin City Metro to Address Transportation Challenges

In response to the transportation challenges faced by residents, the Plateau State Government has launched the Tin City Metro, a new transport service featuring fourteen German-made buses. The initiative aims to alleviate the impact of rising transportation costs following the removal of the petroleum subsidy.

Plateau State Government Launches Tin City Metro to Address Transportation Challenges an inspection of the Jos City Center’s Terminus area in preparation for the service’s launch, the Secretary to the State Government, Architect Samuel Jatau, addressed reporters about the government’s plans.

He emphasized the need to clear the city center for smoother traffic flow, noting that vendors along the roads will be temporarily relocated to allow for construction of permanent marketplaces.

“The government intends to build markets in the neighbourhood so that there will not be an over-concentration of people buying and selling in one place. We are not working behind schedule, which is why the buses have not been commissioned. We want to clear the road first before we put the buses on the roads.”

According to him, the city centre and other places where the buses will ply will definitely be cleared and advised those selling along the major roads to vacate before the government takes drastic action against them, adding that the government is ready to sanitize Jos metropolis and its environs.

Mr. Samuel Jock Gwott, the General Manager of Plateau Express Services Limited, expressed gratitude for the provision of buses, emphasizing the commitment to easing the burden of transportation for the masses. With a focus on digitization, the system offers card-based payments and feedback mechanisms to ensure customer satisfaction.

“To access the service, citizens can purchase cards for a subsidized fee of 2000 Naira, with the government covering over 50% of the cost. While digital transactions are encouraged for efficiency and revenue control, efforts will be made to ensure accessibility for all, including those who prefer cash transactions.

“Marketing teams will spread awareness and facilitate card purchases at various locations, ensuring inclusivity across all segments of society.The Tin City Metro Bus Service will initially operate on eight routes, covering key destinations within the state. He said.

He therefore charged the people of the state to support the initiatives of the government towards alleviating the suffering of the people, adding that the government needs the support of all to succeed.

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