Jos Inmates Protest Against Proposed Reduction in Rice Consumption

Inmates Protest Against Proposed Reduction in Rice Consumption

Inmates at the Jos Correctional Center sparked a major protest last Friday, voicing their dissatisfaction with the decision to reduce their rice and beans consumption as a result of soaring prices of essential goods.

The unrest began when the officer in charge of feeding summoned the inmates at approximately 11:45 am to disclose the discussion he had with the food contractor regarding the need to cut back on their rice intake, from four times a week to twice a week due to the heightened costs of food items in the market.

Following this announcement, a wave of violence erupted among the inmates as they hurled stones and various objects at the staff in protest of the meal plan changes.

Confirming the protest, Controller of Corrections for Plateau State Command, Mr. Ibinule Raphael, attributed the turmoil to the inmates’ dissatisfaction with the revised meal schedule.

Mr. Raphael clarified that the contractor’s decision to scale back the frequency of rice consumption due to market price surges triggered a disruptive reaction from the inmates, leading to a chaotic situation within the facility.

Speaking about the incident, Mr. Raphael stated, “This morning, as is customary, I went to the yard to observe the situation.I witnessed an officer addressing the inmates about the outcome of his conversation with them food contractor scheduled to supply their meals this month.

“He informed them that the contractor could no longer afford to provide rice four times a week due to rising market prices and would now only do so twice a week.

“Last year, there was a proposal for increased inmate feeding, which has not yet been implemented. When the officer relayed this information to the inmates this morning, they expressed their displeasure. Despite my instructions to return to their rooms, they adamantly refused.”

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