Shettima: No Rest Until Plateau Victims Get Justice

Shettima: No Rest Until Plateau Victims Get Justice

In a visit to the crisis-ravaged communities in Plateau State, Vice President Senator Kashim Shettima pledged that the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not rest until justice is served to the victims of the brutal attacks and the residents are safe.

The Vice President expressed his condolences and apologies to the affected communities, emphasizing that the killings must stop. He conveyed President Tinubu’s deep sorrow over the tragedy, stating that the pain felt by one community extends to the entire nation.

Vp Shettima Visits Plateau

“When one community bleeds, the entire nation feels the pain. The pain we feel now transcends ethnicity or religion, geography or politics. The grief that binds us is a testament to our shared humanity, not differences,” he added

Senator Shettima assured the grieving families that the government is committed to protecting them and ensuring justice, despite the perception that they have been failed in their time of need.

“We cannot fathom the depth of this grief beyond the experience of the bereaved. We can only offer to assuage your pain. What has happened to you is a funeral for the entire nation. Our hearts bleed alongside yours, our dear brothers and sisters in Bokkos, Barkin-Ladi, and all over Plateau State,” he stated

Highlighting the significance of justice for national unity and healing, he promised to take the necessary steps to prevent future heinous acts and bring the perpetrators to justice. The Vice President urged the people of Plateau State to reject division and hatred, assuring them of the government’s dedication to their security.

“This violence persists due to this dangerous practice of treating criminals as ambassadors of their group, where the law is taken into our hands, and where protection fails. But this is not the case now. This is a promise,” Shettima assured.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang also appealed for calm and announced collaborative efforts with the federal government and security agencies to maintain peace.

However,The Management Committee Chairman of Bokkos LGA, Monday Kassa, provided updates on the attacks, stating that 148 people have died, 88 are receiving medical treatment, 1,290 houses have been burnt, and 25 communities have been attacked.

He also reported that two communities are currently under attack.

. At a town hall meeting held at the Yakubu Gowon Airport in Barkin Ladi LGA, various stakeholders including the Vice President, Governor Mutfwang, National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu, and Chief of Defence Staff General Christopher Musa, along with traditional rulers, community members, and religious leaders, all called for peace in the region

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