Unijos Consultancy Extends Compassionate Aid to IDP Camp

Barr. Hauwa Lami Temine Presenting the Relief Items to the Camp Director,Mr Marcus Enoch Gumwesh

In a heartwarming and compassionate gesture, the University of Jos Consultancy Limited paid a visit to the MANGU IDP camp to provide essential relief items to the displaced individuals.

Led by Barr. Hauwa Lami Temine, the acting general manager of Unijos Consultancy Limited, the team aimed to show their love and sympathy for the affected communities, especially the vulnerable children who are deeply impacted by these attacks.

The team brought essential relief items such as tea,bread, and water to the camp, in an effort to provide warmth and comfort to the children.

Relief Items

As part of their business ventures, Unijos Consultancy Limited is involved in bread production, making UJ bread, as well as producing table water for public consumption, thus making these items ideal for reaching out to the children.

During the visit, Barr. Hauwa Lami Temine openly acknowledged the stark contrast between the luxuries often taken for granted and the harsh realities faced by those in the IDP camp.

Overwhelmed by the desperate conditions she witnessed, Temine shared her broken heart, stating, “My heart is just broken because you take for granted the things you have until you see and encounter those that don’t have. This experience served as a powerful reminder of the privilege of having basic necessities”.

Unijos Consultancy Extends Compassionate Aid to IDP Camp

In light of the ongoing challenges faced by IDP camps, Barr. Hauwa Lami Temine passionately called for public support, urging individuals and businesses to contribute. “There is nothing too small; we’ll reach out to people, some of our business partners, some of our contractors,” she pleaded.

Emphasizing the importance of unity in addressing the pressing needs of the affected communities, Temine recognized the potential impact of collective efforts.

Camp director, Mr Marcus Enoch Gumwesh expressed his gratitude to the university community for their initiative and prayed for blessings upon them and their business endeavors.

He also remarked on the immense relief brought by the provision of food for the children at the camp.

He highlighted the significant challenges faced by the camp including providing food, clothing, school fees, and healthcare for the affected children and their families.

Gumwesh remarked, “No matter the little you bring, it will go a long way in putting a smile on the face of these children.”

He also provided an overview of the camps, revealing that there were over 10,000 individuals spread across four camps and eleven distribution centers

Unijos Consultancy Team

Gumwesh further emphasized on the urgency of the situation, revealing the dire struggles faced by the camp.

He explained, “We have serious challenges of feeding, serious challenge.With families fleeing their homes with minimal resources, the camp is grappling with financial constraints for essentials like clothing, education, and medical bills”.

Gumwesh revealed the heart-wrenching reality of mothers giving birth on bare floors, lacking proper clothing and adequate nutrition.

“We don’t have clothing for them. We don’t have clothing for the mothers and the mothers are not properly fed. So you can imagine what will happen. Some of them catch cold and die,” Gumwesh poignantly expressed.

The camp’s plea extends beyond immediate relief to include desperate needs, such as baby clothing and sanitary pads for women.

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