Unijos Inducts 1003 Students As Teachers

Unijos 10th induction

One thousand and three students of the Faculty of Education, University of Jos, have​ been inducted into the teaching profession at a ceremony affirmed by the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).​ The induction ceremony was the tenth in the faculty.

In his remarks, The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tanko Ishaya, who was represented by Prof. Timothy Oyetunde, emphasized the importance of teaching in the progression of societies, stating that teachers play an integral role in grounding the young minds with knowledge, understanding and empowerment. He underscored the significance of teachers in adhering to ethical standards, which reflect their commitment to nurturing responsible, compassionate, and informed citizens.

As part of this transformation, the Vice Chancellor urged educators to embrace global standards and innovative pedagogical methods and to commit to lifelong learning. He highlighted the induction ceremony as a significant commitment, asking teachers to honor their oaths and bring a professional approach to their teaching assignments.

Representing the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Joseph Maina Mustapha, Dr. Grace Azumi Chollom, emphasized the challenges and rewards of the teaching profession. She underscored the role of teachers as transformative forces in the society and encouraged them to seek opportunities for the betterment of all.

The keynote speaker, Prof.Yusuf Á. Mustapha, of the University of Jos, discussed the theme “The Nigerian Teaching Profession Ethics and Global Practice” the concept of global teaching practices was explored, recognizing the need for teachers to adapt to diverse cultures and perspectives in a globalized world. Prof. Mustapha emphasized the importance of empathy, promoting equity, and intercultural communication in the classroom

Addressing the newly inducted teachers, Prof. Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye, Registrar and Chief Executive of TRCN, underscored the importance of professional development, urging the inductees to uphold ethics and professionalism in all their endeavors. He expressed confidence in their abilities to live up to the reputation of the teaching profession and to positively impact future generations.
He concluded by encouraging participants to embrace the theme of the ceremony and carry the legacy of the teaching profession with honor and distinction.

Each inductee was celebrated, and a round of applause was given in recognition of their remarkable achievement.

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