UNIJOS Takes Lead in Sustainable Sanitation Practices

UNIJOS Takes Lead in Sustainable Sanitation Practices

Prof. Tanko Ishaya, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos (UNIJOS), has declared that the university now has the capacity to recycle not just paper, but also human waste, during the foundation laying of new washrooms and sanitation facilities at the Remedial Sciences Department.

These new facilities, commissioned during Ishaya’s second anniversary in office, also include student rest areas and a water tank. The Vice Chancellor expressed his commitment to making UNIJOS a world-class institution, setting an impressive standard both within and outside Nigeria.

The Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) scheme, according to Ishaya, is a global initiative as well as a fundamental human right. He stressed the obligation to provide sanitation facilities where large groups or even single individuals are present.

UNIJOS Takes Lead in Sustainable Sanitation Practices

” This contribution to dignified sanitation is significant, benefitting not just students and staff but also others in the surounding area. this is not just your typical toilet” Ishaya said, referring to the new facilities

He pointed out that waste recycling, including the conversion of human excrement into energy, is a growing global trend that has great significance for environmental health.

Prof. Ponchang Wuyep, Head of the Remedial Sciences Department, concurred, underlining the necessity to uphold individuals’ dignity through proper sanitation.

He acknowledged past struggles, when staff and students had to resort to defecating in nearby bushes due to the lack of facilities. He emphasised the need to ascertain and maintain the dignity of individuals regarding sanitation.

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