Unijos Unveils One Billion Naira Organ Transplant Equipment

UNIJOS One Billion Naira Organ Transplant Equipment

In a significant step forward for Nigerian healthcare, the University of Jos (UNIJOS), has installed and handed over Urology, Organ Transplant and Dialysis equipment worth One Billion Naira (₦1,000,000,000) to the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) at the Hospital’s Tissue Typing Laboratory, JUTH Permanent Site, Lamingo, Jos.

The equipment is meant to facilitate the treatment of ailments affecting the kidneys, ureter, bladder, male prostate, male and female reproductive organs and other non-communicable diseases.

Professor Tanko Ishaya, Vice Chancellor of UNIJOS, expressed his gratitude for the project’s successful execution and highlighted the urgency to tackle non-communicable diseases in Nigeria. He envisioned the potential for this venture to establish Nigeria as a hub for medical tourism.

“We recognized the burden of non-communicable diseases in Nigeria and sought to combat them,” stated Professor Ishaya. “This facility presents a strategic opportunity to elevate medical services within the country and reduce expenses associated with seeking medical care abroad”

In addition to highlighting the laboratory’s role in reducing costs for patients, Prof. Ishaya. also emphasized the importance of the facility for research and training.

“We are privileged to witness the commencement of this lab, a first of its kind in Nigeria, supported solely by TETFUND,Its importance lies not only in research and training within the university but also in serving the broader community, offering affordable healthcare solutions. He added.

Dr. Pokop W. Bupwatda, CMD of JUTH, represented by Former CMD, Prof Ishaya Pam, applauded the cooperation between UNIJOS and JUTH, underscoring its transformative impact on healthcare in Nigeria.
“This collaboration is a game-changer in Nigerian healthcare, offering hope for thousands suffering from kidney diseases and other ailments,” Dr. Bupwatda noted.

Echoing Dr Bupwatda’s sentiments, Dr. Ezra Jatau, a hematologist and trainee at the new facility, expressed his gratitude for the advanced equipment, recognizing its potential to usher in a new era of molecular-based diagnosis and treatment.

“As medical scientists, we’re thrilled by the prospects of this facility. It represents a shift towards advanced molecular-oriented diagnostics and treatment,” said Dr. Jatau. “We’re hopeful for its sustained operation, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the University and the Teaching Hospital.” He noted.

Handing over the facility to the University, the Project Contractor, Umar Ali of Messrs Bello H. System Company Limited, said all the equipment installed were tested and confirmed to be functional while several successful non-invasive kidney operations were carried out using the equipment before their being handed over. He expressed delight that the University had acquired some of the best and most sought-after equipment in the health care industry.

Mr Ali was thankful for successfully completing the project as specified in the contract agreement and appreciated UNIJOS and JUTH for considering him worthy to carry out the project. He urged that proper care should be taken and periodic maintenance carried out given the sensitivity of the equipment.

“This lab is essential for kidney transplant and related treatments, offering a substantial reduction in costs for our patients. Its establishment marks a welcome development in both the hospital and the University of Jos,” Mr. Ali stated.


Mr. Umar Musa


Organ Transplant Equipment


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