Yilwada Dedicates Victory to God and Plateau Citizens

Dr Nentawe
Dr Nentawe Yilwada

Dr. Nentawe Yilwada, the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for Governor in the 2023 General Election in Plateau State, dedicated his election victory to God and the unwavering citizens of Plateau state.
The victory comes following the Appeal judgement delivered on Sunday, 19th November 2023 in Abuja. Addressing the media at a press conference held on Monday, 20th November 2023, at the State Secretariat flyover along Jos Bukuru Road in Plateau State, Dr. Yilwada called upon all political actors to prioritize the peace of Plateau and to refrain from incendiary behaviors that could potentially disrupt the peace.
Dr. Yilwada was represented at the press conference by his Deputy Director General Administration of the APC in Plateau state, Comrade Jibrin Bancir. Bancir acknowledged the decision of the PDP candidate to appeal the matter to the Supreme Court, but he affirmed that Dr. Yilwada’s strong legal teams are prepared to defend his victory at the highest court.
Additionally, Bancir pointed out that the case may set a new legal precedent and contribute to the legal jurisprudence, as acknowledged by the Appeal court.
Bancir, on behalf of Dr. Yilwada, argued that the election commission initially erred in confirming Caleb Mutfwang of the PDP as the winner of the election, but he believes that the recent Appeal Court decision was just.
Bancir further expressed that the plateau people had been denied the chance to benefit from their policy initiatives and urged APC supporters and the residents of Plateau to be gracious in victory, and to celebrate modestly, respecting the feelings of their opponents.
He closed by encouraging all to maintain the statesmanlike behavior they are known for.

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