ASUU Calls for Urgent Educational Reform

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Bauchi Zone has called upon the Federal Government to take urgent measures in addressing the longstanding issues plaguing Nigeria’s higher education sector.

Speaking at a press conference held at the University of Jos, Acting Zonal Coordinator of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Bauchi Zone, Prof. Nanmwa Voncir, emphasized the pressing need for reforms in Nigeria’s higher education system.

Prof. Voncir stated, “I call on the President Tinubu led administration to immediately set in motion the process for the review and signing of the Nimi Briggs led renegotiated draft agreement as a mark of goodwill and assured hope for Nigeria’s public Universities.”

Addressing the issue of withheld salaries, Prof. Voncir emphasized, “There is no justification for withholding lecturers’ salaries if not for the grand design by the ruling class to emasculate and ridicule them.”

Regarding arrears of Earned Academic Allowances, Prof. Voncir stressed, **”I wonder why it must take another round of strike action to get Government to release lecturers‟ entitlements that are already captured in the budget.”

On the dissolution of Governing Councils, Prof. Voncir condemned the action, stating, “I condemn these anomalies in strong terms. I call on State and Federal Governments to reverse themselves where Governing Councils were dissolved without serving their terms and reconstitute Councils whose tenures have expired without further delay.”

Regarding the IPPIS, Prof. Voncir urged compliance with the government directive, stating,”My position is very clear: Government should revert to quarterly releases of University funds to enable them design and implement their programmes in tandem with international best practices.”**

In addressing the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standard (CCMAS), Prof. Voncir advised resistance, stating, “My advice to NUC is to, at this critical time, focus its attention on more pressing issues affecting our Universities, including proliferation of Universities and the poor conditions of service of staff.”**

On the issue of underfunding of Universities, Prof. Voncir reiterated rejection of the Students’ Loan scheme, stating,”For the avoidance of doubt, my stance is a rejection of the Students’ Loan scheme which is being promoted by the international money lending agencies such as IMF and World Bank.”

Prof. Nanmwa Voncir emphasized the unwavering commitment to advocating for the welfare of its members and the revitalization of the Nigerian university system. The coordinator called for solidarity from all stakeholders in achieving meaningful educational reform and urged against unnecessary industrial disharmony.

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