Crispan Suites Champions Tourism Revival in Plateau

Mrs. Vetlana Alexandrovna, the General Manager of Crispan Suits and Event Centre

The management of Crispan Suites and Events Centre has expressed deep concerns regarding the detrimental effect of insecurity on tourism in the region.

Mrs. Vetlana Alexandrovna, the General Manager, lamented the declining number of tourists, citing security challenges as the main cause for this downturn in the hospitality industry.

During a press conference held in Jos, Mrs. Alexandrovna emphasized that media coverage often sensationalizes incidents in the state capital, leading potential visitors and investors astray.

She urged for a focus on highlighting the positive aspects of Plateau State beyond the prevalent security issues.

“It is crucial that people understand that Plateau State is not accurately represented by the media. In addition to the security challenges, there are numerous remarkable aspects of Plateau State that deserve global recognition,” she urged.

Acknowledging the negative impact of reported insecurity on the hotel’s revenue, the General Manager disclosed that canceled reservations have become a worrying trend.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Alexandrovna emphasized that Jos remains an exceptional tourist destination due to its favorable climate and natural attractions, which contributes to the growth of the hospitality industry.

The general manager who said Jos is safe said that apart from internal security arrangements at Crispan Suits and Events, the management often liaises with conventional security agencies to boost its internal security arrangements.

“As one of the key players in the hospitality industry in Plateau State, we closely collaborate with the security agencies. We provide them with daily reports, and thorough security screenings are conducted before guests check in,” she reassured.

Mrs. Alexandrovna called upon the state government to invest in infrastructure development and improve flight connectivity to Yakubu Gowon Airport.

She emphasized the need for increased collaboration with security agencies to enhance safety perceptions and attract a larger number of visitors.

Remaining optimistic, Mrs. Alexandrovna envisioned Jos transforming into a thriving tourist hub. She warmly invited people to explore the beauty of the state, assuring them of an unparalleled “home away from home” experience at Crispan Suits and Events Centre.

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