Survivor Disputes Military Report on Mangu Attack

…Equity International Calls for Urgent Action

Equity International Calls for Urgent Action

The alleged first victim of Mangu attack of 22 January, 2024 that led to lost of lives and destruction of properties, Mr. Ebenezer Caleb earlier said to have been killed by suspected Fulani herders has countered the declaration stating that he is not dead, but alive.

Speaking at a press briefing organized by the Equity International Initiative (EII) at the Crispan Hotel in Jos, Caleb adamantly declared, “What I can say here is that what the military said is not the truth. I was not killed; I am alive today to the glory of God.”

Caleb proceeded to offer a chilling account of the incident, explaining that he was ambushed by Fulani boys while riding his motorcycle. According to him, “Fulani people were passing with their cows; they stopped me on the way so that their cattle could pass. Unfortunately, when they passed, one of the men told me to move.

Mr. Ebenezer Caleb

“As I was moving, a young Fulani boy informed me that because our activities had been causing them distress, they wanted to prevent us from drinking water. They intended to start by killing us on the Federal Road, so that people would know they are not joking.”

He further elaborated, saying, “I asked him if they were going to kill me, and he said yes. One of them brandished a machete, while the other pulled out a knife. So, I asked, ‘You want to kill me?’ They affirmed their intention, stating that they must kill me before anything else could happen.”

Contrary to the reports, Mr. Dawap Sunday Dankaka, the President of Mwagavul Youth Movement Worldwide, asserted, “We have heard the military claim that the young man driving the motorbike collided with cattle and was then beaten and killed by the Fulani. However, that is not accurate. Look at the person they said was killed here, Mr. Ebenezer Caleb.”

Dankaka provided further shocking details, disclosing, “From January 22, 2024, until now, we have recorded a total of 91 deaths. Among them are 42 women, 37 children, and 12 men. Additionally, there are 128 individuals who have been injured to varying degrees, scattered across eight hospitals including JUTH here in Jos.

” As for the infrastructure damage, 414 houses have been burnt, 202 shops looted and set on fire, nine mosques and 15 churches have been destroyed.”

In a subsequent press briefing, Equity International, represented by Ambassador Chris Iyama, strongly condemned the series of unfortunate incidents that have occurred in Plateau State between December 24, 2023, and January 28, 2024.

Iyama emphasized, “There is no justification for the killing of innocent people while they sleep at night.” He called on government officials to expedite the establishment of a State Police force, stressing the urgent need for swift action in matters of security.

Iyama also urged immediate compensation for the affected communities. Equity International made an appeal to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urging him to deliver on the promise of “Renewed Hope” for Nigerians.

Iyama concluded by expressing dissatisfaction with the progress made in securing the affected areas and called upon the federal government and security agencies to intensify their efforts.

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