“MDA Urges Peace Amid Ardo’s Murder, Seeks Justice and Calm


The Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA) has expressed deep concern over recent events following the alleged murder of the Ardo of Panyam District, Alhaji Adamu Idris Gabdo, on September 30th, 2023.

The Association described the incident as a setback to the peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict between the Mangu Local Government Area community and the Fulani. In their statement, the MDA emphasized their values as a peace-loving community, expressing grief over any loss of life, and noted that the disruption this incident has caused to peace-building efforts.

They commended the security agencies for their proactive measures, particularly Operation Save Haven, the Police, allied agencies – DSS, Civil Defence, and Operation Rainbow, for their role in preventing the situation from escalating.

The MDA expressed their gratitude to these agencies for their prompt intervention, which has been instrumental in reducing tensions and ensuring the safety of lives and property in the Mangu Local Government Area.

They urged the public to allow the security agencies to conduct a comprehensive investigation to uncover the circumstances behind the alleged murder of the Ardo.

For the sake of fairness and justice, the Association implored the security forces to also investigate the ongoing killings in the region, specifically citing the deaths of three young men: Panshak Peter, Ishaku Zumuk and Yakubu Sokyes, in the Panyam and Pushit area.

The MDA appealed to its people to remain calm during this investigation and urged mothers and youths to abstain from blocking major highways, a move that they say is detrimental to free passage and local socio-economic activities.

The Association extended their appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinibu, the Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff, and the Inspector General of Police for their swift response to the SOS request made by the Governor of Plateau State, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, when the crisis first broke in April.

As a people committed to peace, the MDA pledged its continued support fro any efforts aimed at ensuring lasting and sustainable peace not only in Mwaghavul land but also in the entire state.

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