Wilda’s Global CEO Wins Prestigious Leadership Award

Dr. Aniyi Williams Olarewaju, CEO of Wilda’s Global And Sport Limited

Dr. Aniyi Williams Olarewaju, CEO of Wilda’s Global And Sport Limited, was recently honored with the Outstanding Leadership Award by the TWCLMI Change Makers Impact Awards.

This prestigious recognition celebrates Dr. Williams’ remarkable contributions to sports development, particularly in the discovery and cultivation of young talents.

In response to receiving the award, Dr. Williams expressed his gratitude and his dedication to continuing his efforts in sports development.

He stated, “This award inspires me to do more. I urge interested footballers who aspire to play abroad to visit our office for the necessary assistance and connections to professional clubs.”

One of the success stories from Wilda’s Global And Sport Limited is Nansel Selbon Tali, a former U-17 player who has ventured to play in several countries. Selbon extended his contract with the organization and commended Dr. Williams for his unwavering support.

He remarked, “Dr. Aniyi Williams has played an impactful role in my life and in the lives of many young talents in Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole. Wilda’s Global And Sport Limited made my dream of playing football internationally a reality.”

Dr. Williams also highlighted the company’s grassroots approach to talent discovery, emphasizing their efforts in local governments, villages, and grassroots areas.

He shared, “We travel to places like Pankshin, Barkin Ladi, and Hiepang to discover talents. Additionally, we organize snooker, table tennis, and volleyball tournaments to promote sporting activities and engage youth across Plateau State.”

In addition to their sports development initiatives, Dr. Williams emphasized the company’s philanthropic efforts, stating, “We empower people, especially in local areas where financial resources are scarce. We donate boots, jerseys, and provide meals to create a conducive environment for youth to develop their potential.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Williams called for partnerships with the Plateau State government and other stakeholders to further advance sports development in the state.

“We are ready to collaborate with government officials, sports directors, and team managers to assist talented youths in traveling and securing club placements. Our goal is to enhance sports in the state and ensure everything related to football and other sports runs smoothly.” He noted.

Wilda’s Global And Sport Limited is located at Choice Plaza, last floor, Rayfield Zarmaganda Road, Jos South, Plateau State. They can be contacted at +234 706 291 3603.

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